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[Notice of Termination of Development]


It is regrettable to inform you that the decision has been made to permanently terminate development and support of "First Contact War", effective immediately. This decision was made after careful evaluation of past development as well as several other factors that shall not be named.

Additionally, all further projects associated with this property are effectively canceled. No further work will be released and no further projects will be announced or worked on. Additionally there will be no more support for bugs and other errors encountered in past releases.

It is advised that a moderator or administrator move this board to the "Archives" section, as this project has now officially ended.

Thank you for following the development of "First Contact War". We hope you enjoyed the releases that were completed.

There will be no further updates from this point on and this account will cease operations soon after.

Damn, always tough when multiple factors lead to this kind of decision. Appreciate the transparent update, and best wishes with everything in the future.


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