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First Pimp of the New Forum


Well since we have a brand new forum for advertising non HLP campaigns I thought I'd get the ball rolling.

Here's a link to the website for The Mercury Affair

The website has actually been up for ages but I've never bothered linking to it before.

All advice on website design would be appreciated :)

(Why is it so many sites use textures straight out of FS for their backgrounds etc? Argh!)

Ok, pointless comments over and done with. The site looks pretty good, some nice shots and such of various ships. Decent info, it looks like it could be a pretty fun campaign! My own gripe being that the star of the campaign seems to be the "GTfg Styx" and not the "GTfg Kalfiret" ;)

Well if you'd chosen to name yourself after a greek myth you could have a ship named after you too :D


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