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Hey Rizzen,

Thanks for taking the time to compile all those missions for MCG. 

I haven't played it for a long time (still have my CD).  I spent quite some time last night downloading and installing the game via your instructions on NGNG.  However even though the game loads it runs at about 2 FPS with a lot of stuttering and screen resolution changes.  Didn't much matter what resolution I chose to run it or whether I used Win XP compatibility or not.  basically unplayable ATM.  I have an I7, GeForce (something) running Win 64 Home premium.

Any suggestions?  At this point I may have to dig out my old XP box to give it a go.  I really don't want to do that it is so slooooooooooooooooooooow!


- install direct play if isn't
- set compatibility mode to XP
- deactivate all enhancing graphic options and run game as 16bit color maximum.

Then try again and start testing 1024X768 or 1280X768 wide-screen. Higher resolutions cause problems - depends on graphic cards some cause errors some not. But in general I would say downsizing graphic settings work fine like deactivating vertical synchronisation for example will enlarge fps rate again.

- deactivate music players, close ur browser windows and stop all processes who can cause potential conflict to old mc program.

Thanks will try that when I get home.


How to play MCG - Darkest Hours online Multi-Player?
- Download, Install & Register on Gameranger
- Start gameranger, choose MCG - Desperate Measures as Gameversion
- give Gameranger the path to MCG Darkest Hours\MCX.exe (from 2009) - it´s the Multi-Player Game.exe that needs to be started within gameranger gaming rooms... open a mechcommander gaming room and start multiplayer with gameranger launch button then


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