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HLP's Family Recipes (Resurrected)

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--- Quote from: FlamingMamba on July 25, 2013, 08:34:58 pm ---It's not for a family get together, but that'd be great. It makes 48 quarts. We get styrofoam quart containers and freeze it and eat it over the course of the year. We have a big chest freezer for that purpose.

But yeah it is a lot of food. And it gets thick. We use a big boat paddle to stir it.

--- End quote ---

Over the course of the year?


Well we don't eat it every day. And there are only three of us. Well two of them now that I'm going to be at college for about half the year for the next 4 years.



The E:
newman should totally post his Bolognaise recipe, it's the ****.

As for me, well, I got one that is very simple but really delicious and can serve as a good base for experimentation. It's called:

The Cream Chicken

What you need:
1. Fresh chicken, without innards. Skin must be present. (In a pinch, a frozen chicken can be used as well, but it needs to be defrosted, and the taste is not quite the same.
2. Some cream. I am usually using about half a litre.
3. Pepper, Salt.
4. Rice.

Cooking the thing:
1. Salt and Pepper the chicken. I would recommend to go light on the salt, as using too much will make this whole thing quite unpalatable.
2. Put chicken in a baking dish with a lid, together with some oil or margarine.
3. Heat oven to 200 degrees C.
4. Insert baking dish. Let it roast for 20 Minutes or so.
5. After 20 Minutes, add the cream by pouring it over the bird.
6. After a further 20 Minutes, take the lid off to let the chicken skin get brown and crispy.
7. Let the bird burn for another 20 minutes or so, during which you should start making the rice.

It's simple, tasty, and all about the chicken taste.
Variants I have personally tried and approved of this basically are about ****ing around with spices. Some rosemary is pretty cool. One could also conceivably add mushrooms and black pepper corns to the sauce to improve it.

1. Get random convenience food
2. Shove it into microwave and punch in 3 mins
3. Eat


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