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Firespray-31 retexture:

If anyone has some freetime, feel free to join this project :)

Nice work.  I took a look through your previous posts and you have posted some really good looking models. :yes:

So, I know this topic hasn't been posted in for quite a while, and it saddens me as I used to enjoy seeing what people were tinkering with, even if it isn't FS2 related. I understand that life moves on, and a lot of people who may have been on here frequently have probably moved on to other things and different paths in life. For me, my first ever mod I created for a game, and first ever one that's actually worked ingame was on the freespace 2 engine. This was around 6 years ago and I was really proud of that accomplishment. Back in those days, my modelling skills were non-existent, and over the years I've been doing projects here and there to slowly build my skills up.

Many of you may have seen a few project here and there of mine, though I haven't actually released anything. 1 in particular would be my WIP Viper mk3 from BSG that I started over 4 years ago. Well, I've since found it hiding out back somewhere, and after kicking up the old 2003 xbox game, decided I'd have a go at building some cool models, inspired by both the game, TOS and RDM universes. I know deadlock came out, but doesn't hurt to be creative. Keep in mind, the Mk3 I have took roughly 12 months of on and off modelling to get it where it is atm, however, the Viper Mk1/B and Raiders took roughly 12 hours to get to where they are now. Note, I've been switching between all 4 of them.

3d modelling is a hobby I do in my down time (which there is a limited time of), and I always enjoy building things and learning new skills. It's not something I'll give up on soon, and I hope one day I can actually give people content that they'd enjoy, and hope to spark interest for others, like so many have done for me.

Though this topic may be dead, it'll never be forgotten. If anyone out there just has something neat they wanna show, or maybe have some advice or input, please, throw it up. I'll always been keen to see what you guys are working on.

I hear ya about not much posting going on. I too have been mostly busy creating Star Wars models and have done an Advance Long Range TIE Interceptor, a New X-Wing, a new Corellian Light freighter, Corellian Tactical Cruiser and so on. I have also been learning 3d Coat much more than I ever have and have created some renders with it. I have posted my work on Facebook Star Wars and Star Wars Modeling groups as a result. :)


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