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working on another solar system worth of skyboxes

GTD Boreas Reborn - Some sort of HTL old and ugly HTL Boreas known from Shadow Genesis. Baked textures will be included in refresh and the same thing goes for Icelus [as both are textured horribly IMHO]. You may see both of them in Shadow Genesis 2.0.

GTBs Invictus - Based on Daegon, but redesigned more racically. It's supposed to be FS1 era flagship of the GTA, but I dropped the project due to lack of project that could include it.


Alternate Ancient Fleet - As the title says, it's alternate for ASW fleet and it's based on old Vasudan Empire warships from Over the Top. Fleet contains cruiser based on Joh, frigate based on Geb [AFg Moires] and two destroyers - AD Chania [based on some very old vasudan carrier above] and other destroyer based on Duat. I might probably rework some other models, but I dropped the project. They are old, tilemapped and ugly. I have Moires tilemapped and resmoothed, but it never left Blender phase. Only one part of this project is finished - the Chania, all purpose heavy carrier-destroyer similar in role to Hecate. It will be included in Mystery Project modpack.

Hello everyone. I've not been very active recently, but it doesn't mean I'm not doing anything :D. Uni- related stuff is pinning me down now but in a free time.... Brace your eyes. That crap may hurt your sight.

Yeah. When you raise your modelling skill to the satisfying level it would be nice to learn some drawing. What is what I'm doing now :D And let me present you a piece of a heavy frigate made by lukasz. The design was based on the early concepts of Impervious from DE. For now it found it's place in betrayal's Mystery Project :D So, please be patient, there is a lot to be shown here :)

Um and one more thing. This little guy can make you texturing much much easier :D TBH I can't imagine working without it now

Oh, and I almost forgot. I'm waiting for that lad above me to remap my Strike Hydra :D. Current UV is a bit tricky, few places need some fixes. As soon as I grab them I will move with texturing the Hydra.


This thread is awesome


--- Quote from: niffiwan on December 07, 2014, 12:40:43 am ---I've been coding a TIE fighter mission converter; i.e. create a "close as possible" .fs2 from a .tie.  Maybe when its done it'll form the basis of some sort of Tie Fighter remake in FSO  :nervous:

(and I don't really have any use screenies at the moment)

--- End quote ---
I SO APPROVE OF THIS!!! :yes: :yes: :yes: :nod:


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