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Emulating a VLS in FS2?

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Hello everyone, is there any way to emulate a modern Vertical launch system in FS2?

Basically what it means is having a fixed turret able to launch a missile at a target no matter the direction (or at least something very close to an hemisphere).
I found it quite easy with multi part turret, does the same FOV setting work even with fixed ones?

Thank you!

Might look at the UEF ships in blue planet, they approximately do that with the Apocalypse launchers.  Afaik most of the behavior for that is in the missile itself.

Colonol Dekker:
Yeah it's all flags, check the modding wiki and check out weapons tbl :)

It's a definite missile type.

It can easily be achieved, however there are some conditions that need to be met:

- the turret needs to have a wide enough FOV
- the turret must not have the "check hull"-flag (if it has the FOV-setting is counteracted by the line of sight-check)

- the weapon must be homing ($Homing: set to YES) and have valid homing parameters
- the weapon's homing view cone must be wide enough to enable it the requisite change in direction (>150 is ideal)
- the weapon needs to have the $Swarm-parameter ("$Swarm: 1" does work fine), the $Free Flight Time-parameter is optional but encouraged

e.g. here is my version of a Shivan Fusion mortar for use with modified Cain- and Lilith-models, which basically works like a VLS:

--- Code: ---$Name: Fusion Mortar#Shivan
$Model File: s_bomb.pof
$Mass: 0.1
$Velocity: 100.0
$Fire Wait: 4.5
$Damage: 35 
$Blast Force: 0.2
$Inner Radius: 0.0 
$Outer Radius: 0.0 
$Shockwave Speed: 0
$Armor Factor: 1.0
$Shield Factor: 1.0
$Subsystem Factor: 1.0
$Lifetime: 22.5
$Energy Consumed: 0.0
$Cargo Size: 1.0 
$Homing: Yes
+Turn Time: 2.0
+View Cone: 360
+Min Lock Time: 0.1
+Lock Pixels/Sec: 1000
+Catch-up Pixels/Sec: 1000
+Catch-up Penalty: 0
+Seeker Strength: 3.0
$Swarm: 2
+SwarmWait: 0.8
$Acceleration Time: 4.0
$Free Flight Time: 3.0
$LaunchSnd: 102
$ImpactSnd: 88 
$FlyBySnd: -1
$Rearm Rate: 1.0
+Weapon Range: 2250
$Flags: ( "Big Ship" "Huge" "no subsystem homing" "no lifeleft penalty" )
    +Start Width: 1.25
    +End Width: 0.25
    +Start Alpha: 1.0
    +End Alpha: 0.0
    +Max Life: 1.5
    +Bitmap: NewMiss1
$Icon: icon_harbinger
$Anim: harbinger
$Impact Explosion: none
--- End code ---

"no lifeleft penalty" that you have there is important too. Missiles are penalized for not pointing at their target and we expect that to be the case for VLS missile for awhile after firing.


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