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Knight Templar:
//Image removed


(She was one, right? Not sure, but I couldn't find a good picutre on google)

I thought you of all people would understand

here we are

//Image removed

So its from DOA: Beach Volleyball.. and she's a pussy cat...  

Bite me.


Uh...It'd be alot easier to post a thread in gen HLP, then in the SA got any more screenies of that game? :D;7

Knight Templar:
Why would I make a new thread? :wtf:

and yes, Gamespy emails them out liek free samples at cosco on a sunday.

Oh...hmmm...damn too bad I don't get GS newsletters...

Anywho, I guess I'll be going to play some AVP2(GOD I ROCK AT THAT GAME :D) so, if anyone wants to join me, go to the USMG survivor server.


No spamming allowed.
Go put your girlie pics somewhere else, KT.


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