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You could check the youtube description. :)
yes it is that mod. those normal maps are of very varying quality and on the models where they were not made for they were horrid.
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Found a bug in the glow maps, I think.
Whenever I disable the glow map in fred, some portions of the map are still lit up.
One of the capital hiigaran ships, oh yes it was the Hiigaran shipyard.
Hope this is helpful.
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k well I just did the same thing and it looked how it should without any glow

you sure you weren't just seeing the light coming off the sun?

see how it looks after you use the event that removes the sun bitmap


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Wow, lol, your right. Thanks for setting me straight BloodFleet.
You got some beautiful ships there. I also see a few new ships.  :D
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This modpack is now available on Knossos:

[DOWNLOAD] - Use Knossos:
Click below to get started. The latest revision is 1.1.1.

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Great job uploading this modpack. :yes:
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