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Problems with prompt box
Hey guys, after a long absence, I decided to go on with fredding. I thought it would be a good start to bring the system up to a recent version, but after updating to fs2open 22.0, I'm getting this really weird error-message in one of my missions, related to the promptbox-script:

LUA ERROR: [string "proBox-sct.tbm - On Game Init"]:87: attempt to index a nil value


stack traceback:
   [C]: ?
   [string "proBox-sct.tbm - On Game Init"]:87: in function 'GetTextFromGauges'
   [string "proBox-sct.tbm - On Game Init"]:64: in function 'UpdateText'
   [string "proBox-sct.tbm - On Game Init"]:54: in function 'MakeList'
   [string "proBox-sct.tbm - On Game Init"]:198: in function 'proBoxOn'
   [string "String: proBoxOn()"]:1: in main chunk


Has anyone experienced this error, too? Is there maybe an updated version of the Promptbox I have to use?


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Re: Problems with prompt box
Thanks for posting, others have come across that error, too.

Work for a fix is underway  :)

Re: Problems with prompt box
Thx, that's good to hear. So I just wait for another nightly, then :)
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