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Special characters in briefing text?
I've run into an issue with (command- de- ) briefing texts: special characters come out garbled in-game.

I don't talk about really weird stuff like greek letters, but normal everday characters like ä, ö, ü and ß  :p

You might think of those metal döts as just garnish but I guarantee you that you can't write any german sentence without them  ;)

Is this a newer FSO problem?

I've always played the Freespace main campaigns, retail or with media vps, in german and I don't recall any issues with my beloved Umlauts.

Is there a solution?

Edit: ß seems to be automatically converted to "ss". Thats fine, but I still need the Umlauts!
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Re: Special characters in briefing text?
Are you using a custom tstrings.tbl, strings.tbl or a custom font?

If you are using a custom strings.tbl, esspecially one created for FSO 3.7.2 or newer, it can be used alter the "adress" where to look for special characters in the font's file. If you are using an older version of strings.tbl or one not properly set up for your font file, you will wind up with broken special characters.
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Re: Special characters in briefing text?
Ah, that is a good pointer. I'm building upon a WC Saga base which I'm pretty sure uses a special font.

Thanks, now I have some ideas where to look  :yes: