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Missing file on Installer version of Scroll
I found an issue with the Installer version of the Scroll campaign:

When compared to the downloadable files on the manual Knossos page for Scroll (, the Installer version is missing what looks like an important one. 

I used the FSO Installer to download version 1.8 of Scroll, but of the two maps files listed on the Knossos page the Installer download only downloaded 'maps1.'  I even tried downloading it again after deleting the file from Games/FS2 and the Scroll line on the Installer text file (in the Users folder on Windows) but there still wasn't a 'maps2'.

Should I just download 'maps2' from that manual Knossos page and insert it into the scroll folder or is it possible this could be fixed?


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Re: Missing file on Installer version of Scroll
There's another issue I found when comparing the Installer and manual Knossos page versions of Scroll:

When I downloaded the Installer version it had a file called "warble_fs1.vp".

Downloading the links on the manual Knossos Scroll page didn't give that particular file though.  From what I gather, 'Warble' relates to FSPort music.  On the Knossos download page for Scroll, when I download the file for 'warble' there it gives me two files:  "mv_fsport_music.vp" and "warble_fs1_supplemental.vp"

Does it matter which set I use (the one or two files)...does Scroll work the same either way?  Or to put it another way (out of curiosity), why does the Installer have one file for this area but the manual download of the campaign has two?


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Re: Missing file on Installer version of Scroll
Thanks for letting me know.  I tested the download but I didn't actually test running the mod from the download, so I apparently missed some things.  The omission of maps2 was just an oversight.

As for warble, warble_fs1.vp contains the retail-quality music, while mv_fsport_music.vp contains the high-quality versions of that music.  Not the remixes, the actual high quality master recordings.  However, it doesn't contain all of them, so warble_fs1_supplemental.vp contains the retail-quality versions of the tracks that aren't in mv_fsport_music.vp.

I've fixed the Installer file, so everything should now be up to date.