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"Crashing The Party" Diappointment
I was just playing 'Crashing the Party', and after a poor run where the Saladin went down, I replayed it, and on a whim, ignored orders, and left my wingmen to protect the Narandum, while I got into Maxim range of the Moloch attacking the Harthanet, and took out its beam turrets.  It still had 70% hull, so I thought that it would probably survive.  I was confused later on, when it disappeared from my escort list.  Once I'd completed my objectives, I looked back through the mission event list (under F4) and found that the Harthanet had self-destructed.  That was disheartening.  I wonder if you might either A, include a bonus objective for its survival, (which would require some more voice files at least for the mission debriefing), or B, guardian-threshold the Moloch's beams until the Harthanet is destroyed.
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Re: "Crashing The Party" Diappointment
We don't currently have the ability to generate new voice files, and anyway the storyline for that mission really warrants the destruction of a cruiser, given the desperation and chaos.

The mission is set up so that the Harthenet self-destructs if the Ranoth or its beam turrets are destroyed.  I suppose guardianing the beam turrets is reasonable though.