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POF exporter for MAX - Need people with MAX 4, 5 and 6 for testing

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I've got MAX 6, and GMAX (the rough equivalence of 5)... I'll give it a shot in G, but definately looking forward to using it in MAX6...

Here's the version compiled with the MAX6 SDK. I don't actually have MAX6, so I can't say if it'll work or not, but you're welcome to try it out. I didn't get any problems during compilation, but who knows.

Now, if anyone could point me to where I can download the MAX4 SDK (that is, if it's actually available for download for free), I'd gladly compile a version for it.


I dropped it in the /plugins folder, and got this on startup...

EDIT: This is the MAX6 version, but i get the same thing if i used the 5 version...

Dude, been waiting for this a long time. Awesome work. :)


--- Quote ---Originally posted by Setekh
Dude, been waiting for this a long time. Awesome work. :)
--- End quote ---

Well, let's wait until it actually works on someone else's computer. ;)

And Hippo: that's on MAX 6? I just recompiled it with the r6 SDK, there's no way I can test it or try to replicate the error. Sorry. Maybe it's related to the problems people with version 5 had when trying to load it, I'll recompile it for version 6 when that problem is fixed.


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