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****ing Batman.

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--- Quote ---Originally posted by Black Wolf
But this thing is taking the roundabout at about 70 kms - that's a damned impressive sight BTW - a full sized bus taking a roundabout that fast - wow.
--- End quote ---

If it was taking the roundabout at 70 KMS the bus would tip and the Gs could kill the people on the bus.  (I don't know much about the effects of Gs and when they come into effects.)

you'd think Batman would be more careful with a bus full of people than to whip it around a roundabout at that speed. he's supposed to be protecting people. you know.


Batman in Perth!? Wouldn't it be a bit warm?
Wait Perth is cold ain't it? bah.

Still, are you serious? :wtf:
I'm doubting it due to the dialogue...

Funny Story either way. :p

btw. 70km's an hour would not kill people going around a round-about.
Depending on what type of round-about, it's quite possible to do that without tipping.

yes, but not smart. buses usually don't handle as well as the batmobile.

Funny thing is batman is my usual throw word that I use. :p



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