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READ THIS BEFORE POSTING! FreeSpace 2 Open Frequently Asked Questions (FSO FAQ)

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Jeff Vader:
The help section

Getting a debug log is very easy in knossos:

1: open Knossos and go to the card representing the mod that is giving you trouble:

2: In the drop-down menu, use the "Run Fast Debug" option:

3: Run the game until you hit an error and quit. Then use the "Upload Debug Log" option:

This will give you a link, which you can then post in Discord or the support topic.


If you are facing an issue that isn't listed here and to which you just cannot find a solution, you can and must inform us of it. But, when starting a thread, you must be prepared to provide some information to us. Mainly, your fs2_open.log, dubbed "debug log" by some people, is a file generated by debug builds. It contains all sorts of useful information that we need in order to help you. That is why you should follow the instructions below and provide us with that file when asking for help.

And yes: the name of the file really is "fs2_open.log". The error message you get is not the thing I'm after here. Neither is "errorlog.txt". We want your fs2_open.log!

Creating an fs2_open.log happens like this (click each step for a helpful picture):

Knossos launcher/installer

* Open the drop-down menu and select "Run Fast Debug"
* Reproduce the bug
* Go back to the drop-down menu and select "Upload Debug Log"
* You see a link to the debug log. Copy the link and post it on the forums
* You are done! No need to dig through various directories, Knossos handles that for you
Windows launcher (aka 5.5g)

* Open the Launcher.
* Open the "Features" tab.
* From the "Dev Tool" list, select "Run in window".
* Click the "Browse" button at the top.
* Select a debug build (begins with "fs2_open_3_6_12d).
* Apply the changes.
* Run the game.
wxLauncher (also Diaspora launcher)

* Open the Launcher.
* Open the "Advanced Settings" tab.
* From the "Dev Tool" list, select "Run in window".
* If you're on Linux or OS X, also select "Don't grab mouse/keyboard in a window" from the "Dev Tool" list.
* Open the "Basic Settings" tab.
* From the box labeled "FS2 Open executable", select a debug build, such as FreeSpace 2 Open 3.6.12 Debug Inferno SSE2.
* Run the game.

* If you've been experiencing crashes, do exactly what you've done previously, up until it crashes.
If you have had other issues, it is sufficient to run it until you get to the Main Hall. If the debug build crashes fatally even before getting to the Main Hall, no worries.
Note that warnings and errors are not the same thing. Warnings are there to tell that something is a bit wrong, but not fatally wrong. You can skip warnings by clicking "No". Errors are more severe and if an error occurs, you really have to quit the game.
* Quit the game.
* Find the file called fs2_open.log. The location of the file depends on your operating system:
- Windows (for FSO version 3.7.4 and earlier): \freespace2\data\ *
- Windows (for FSO version 3.7.5 and later): %appdata%\HardLightProductions\FreeSpaceOpen\data (just copy that string into the Windows Explorer address bar)
- Mac OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/HardLightProductions/FreeSpaceOpen **
- Linux: $XDG_DATA_HOME/HardLightProductions/FreeSpaceOpen

Copy the file to a safe location and deliver it to us by using one of the following means:

* include it to your post as an attachment (click Additional Options when posting)
* include it to your post using the "code" tags
* send it to pastebin and provide us with the link to it
If you installed FS2 to C:\Program Files\ (or C:\Program Files (x86)\ on 64-bit versions of Windows), the log file will not be in FS2\data\, but rather in a "virtualized" folder. This can be found by either going to the data folder, and clicking on the "Compatibility Files" button in the Explorer window, or by manually navigating to C:\Users\<Your Username>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\<Rest of the path to your FS2 directory>\data

The library folder is hidden in the Finder for some excellent reason. Please see information here on how to access the folder.

If you want to try and figure out the problem by yourself, details on the contents of fs2_open.log can be found here.

Your improved fs2_open.log:
Your improved fs2_open.log is not needed by default, but if some helpful HLP member asks you to provide one, here's how you create them:

* Download this file (it's really just an empty file) and place it to your \freespace2\data\ folder. Then, do exactly what what you did when creating the first fs2_open.log. Note that this log is quite a bit larger than the previous one, so you'll probably have to compress it into a 7z/zip/rar/etc before attaching it to your post. Alternatively you can use

If you have a problem when using FRED, a similar mechanism can be used to generate the fred2_open.log.


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