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Also is it possible to install only the "base" part of campaigns, without any of the dependencies? It auto downloads all of the dependencies even if I manually unselect them. I want to make the campaigns use the latest versions of the media vps, mainhalls, etc. and just deal with any compatibility issues myself. My FS2 install is already over 250GB and I don't want to have multiple versions of these things.

Mito [PL]:
The only packages you can uncheck are optional, the mandatory ones will always be uninstalled.

You can change the dependency versions in the mod's mod.json with a simple text editor if you want, but I think that's doable only after the installation finishes?

Yes, that works but I have to download the whole thing first and then delete the stuff I don't want, which is not very efficient. It would be good if there was a way to do this. The only solution I see is to manually download and set up mods from Nebula and bypass Knossos.

The option exists to do what you describe on the creator side - however it is dependency mods that then become the problem.

You see if the dependency mod changes on its package down the line, e.g. the MVPs splits the mv_effects in order curp the per package file size and renames it to mv_effects_1 and mv_effects_2 Knossos will be unable to find that dependency and disable the download.
If you are creator and don't have your mod currently installed, this will also lock you out of re-downloading and changing your mod via Knossos (you will have to go the long way around and manually do everything)

That's why as creator you are encouraged to not use the "newest"-version setting on any dependency.

And stopped using Knossos for a week, and now it's having a stroke.  Stuck in endless loops, whether trying to download new content or load any mods. I tried an uninstall and reinstall no joy.


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