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Hygeia Docking Avoidance

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Hey all,

I was wondering if anyone else has seen this issue: I was playing some of my favorite FS2 missions (I really like the last few missions and enjoy playing them thru occasionally to keep my joystick skills up). But, this weekend when I played thru Dunkerque, I noticed that if one of my wingmen asked for a reload, the Hygeia ship would just circle around the ship that made the request but would never actually dock with it. If I call in the Hygeia, it will happily dock with my ship and reload me, but when my wingmen ask - the Hygeia pilot is like, "Nope, not today!" This will go on for about a minute and then the requesting ship will eventually give up and go about its business, but if another wingman puts in a request the same thing will occur.

Here's what I've discovered about this issue so far:
1) This only happens in FS2 - it does not happen in FS Port, Silent Threat, Destiny of Peace or any of the other mods in my meager collection.
2) This only happens with 21.4 - if I go back to 21.2, the Hygeia docks with the wingmen just fine during the missions.
3) I haven't tried ALL of the FS2 missions, so I don't know if this starts to happen after a specific point in the game or in any mission (or any FS2-based mod/mission, for that matter).

I'll go back to some of the earlier missions in FS2 to see if the Hygeia avoids docking with wingmen in those missions too, but I also wanted to see if others here can duplicate this behavior. As a test, pick any FS2 mission (I first noticed this behavior in Dunkerque, so perhaps try that first), complete the mission, and hang around afterward and ask for a reload. Then see what happens when your wingmen ask for a reload and observe the Hygeia's behavior. Does it dock, or just circle around the requesting ship?

I'll report back on any other missions I can say for sure this is happening in too.

Thanks, and happy holidays to one and all!

I've cross-posted this to a Github issue:



I tried a bunch of other FS2 missions, but the wingmen got their reloads in all of the earlier missions where I could stick around post-mission with my wingmen and they could ask for a reload on their own. The only mission I can seem to duplicate this issue in at this point is "Dunkerque", post mission (although I did just see someone make a post in your bug report that it also happened to them in Blue-Planet and what they described there is exactly the behavior I was seeing too - so at least there is some confirmation of a possible bug).

If I see anymore of this behavior anywhere else I will post it here (if it is not already confirmed fixed in this or another thread).


When this happens, are you watching the ships in question? As in, they're on screen? And if so, is it possible at all that they weren't when you tested on old versions?

I ask because collision detection and I believe avoidance is not done between friendly ships that are off screen, so two ships that shouldn't be able to can dock if nobody is watching them. :lol: It feels like a longshot that this would have been consistently the case in your testing of new versions and consistently not the case in the old versions, but it seems possible enough to be worth checking.

The code doesn't do collision detection between two ships that are docking, though.


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