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@Shrike: WC3 Kilrathi cap ships

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well, sorry Shrike, but I can't find a shot of the Kilrathi Carrier. Anyway, here is everything I was able to get :(

Take a look at this site: there is a wonderful mesh of the Kilrathi Drednought. Click!

gevatter Lars:
We allready have the WC3 Kilrathi Carrier ingame...just make some screenshot from it or render it....

you do not understand Lars. Shrike did several Kilrathi cap ships that he will give us as soon as he adds some additional details to them. He wanted to see some pics to apply textures right.

Significantly reduced polygon counts compared to the original WC3 ones.  And because I'll be using new maps, much greater texture detail, if not 100% accurate.

gevatter Lars:
Hey new better bigger models...thats good to hear.


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