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Progress continues steady. Today I've uploaded seven new screenshots, showing off new masterpieces did by haderak and, well, [...guess the name...] :) . As you see haderak has integrated the TCS Behemoth, new Dragon, the new Ranger, the Vesuvius and the Concordia class carriers. I've also did new briefing icons. Well, the interface is almost complete: still there is some of work to do; several shield anis, weapons selection screens and ship icons are missing. Additionally, I still have to create several menu backgrounds. Stay turned, we have some great news to announce soon

As always, feedback is welcome.

Oh, just to mention, the first mission for the demo is now in the beta phase. There is one screenshot attached. It shows one of your wingmen escorting the TSC Aurora

More screens here.

Note: the Caernaven model is obsolete. The new one is almost finished. I'll show a bunch of screenshots as soon as the ship is done :D

Woa, I didn't know they've translated FS2...

Einsatzbesprechung? My god, what a word. :p

they did... :( I have to get the English version somewhere

gevatter Lars:
Hey it dosn't matter if we got the german or the english on...If  you have got the english one there will be that english words and the german...well its in german...wheres the problem?


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