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From the Depths of the Blackness

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From the Depths of the Blackness,
I have come back- Not to plague, not to curse, but to help.

Wing Commander was a project I had wanted to work on for months and it showed; if it didn't someone deserves to be shot :P

As I see it you are head of the mods...
But one thing I have a request of....

Give me the ships, give me the technology- Let my previous dream of letting Wing Commander spread through an extreme story come back to life in my own creation.

All I ask is the ability to make this project just that much greater by inputting my FREDing skills and writing ability.

If you honor this desire, please e-mail me at:
[email protected]

Do this justice for me, and I'll surely work hard to deliver what the Wing Commander universe deserves...
Wing Commander in all its glory.

It's great to be back.


gevatter Lars:
Long time no see...................
Well we could always use some help, special FREDers when the story is finished and translated.
We have a FREDer allready, but I thing two can work faster then one.
About making your own story...well I thing at the moment you should work it out on paper, because we haven't finished everything needed for a complet campain....well at last we have quite a number of WC3 ships, but others are in work.
At the moment we are concentrating on the ships needed for our first campain....Battlegroup Serpent (name could change).
Its set during WC3. For more infos wait till our new page is up. I will tell Tolwyn to post a short summery about it.

Well if you like to work with use contact Tolwyn he is the Boss.
I'am just second in the rank ^

Been a while Lars, good to see you.  I was more-so saying my own campaign- however, helping to work on the current one would be fine too.

I've been putting some extra practice in FRED to make sure I haven't lost my touch- doesn't seem like it.

Just to make sure I haven't, I'm making a sort of sample campaign to keep me occupied until my services here are needed.

The Sloth's around- why not use his help, no?


hey ho, SLOTH is back. Nice to see you again, lad.

As soon as Lars told me about you I've stopped doing everything and came to this forum. Of course you are welcome. Of course we'll give you technology. Of course we can use your help more than everything (well, just because we are in lack of FREDers). Of course... :D Well, you got the point. Well, let us make this in this way. I'll put you on the staff list, the question is, what is your ICQ number? As for your access to core files, music files, Developer Forum, write an email to: [email protected] or ask Lars. He knows as much as I (or perhaps more) and, besides, he is the second in rank :D

before I foget it.


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