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The Sloth hath commeth!


Welp- Here goes nothin...

Upon downloading the files for this mod- and seeing as though I cannot get into the staff forum..

I'll p1mp my stuff here...:thepimp:

I've taken the liberty to make my first simulator mission for this MOD.  
Here is some background info on it:

The 'Elito' System has been under attack by Kilrathi ships for quite some time now.  SWACS from the TCS Lexington have found the carrier believed to be the base of operations for the Kilrathi there...  The Lexington has send a strike group composed of Excaliburs and Thunderbolts to deal with this threat.

Before launch of these fighters, a wing of unknown fighters led by the esteemed fighter ace Sloth :D  has radio'd in saying that if need be, they'll jump in to assist the strike group.  The wing commanders are notified of this and they go on their way.

The captain of the Lexington has a back up plan if the strike group takes too many losses- and has asked the Captain of the TCS Victory and the TCS Ranger if they'd closely monitor the action near the Kilrathi Carrier.  If things get too tense, the Victory and Ranger will jump in and launch a few new fighter/bomber wings to assist- along with going head to head with the carrier themselves.

Also in the SWACS report is a wing of Ace Kilrathi fighters that are sitting idle in a nearby asteriod belt...  The head of the wing is declaring on an open comm frequency for any worthy opponent to fight.  Maybe the ace will go to the fight himself, rather than wait for it to come to him.  ;)

If anyone who's authorized to play this mission wants to- please give me your respective e-mail addresses and I'll make sure you get a copy.

To any fan reading this- Even if you do some how manage to trick me into sending you the mission...  It is in vain- You don't have the MOD packs to run it.  The mission would simply crash.

Have a nice day!! ;7

The Sloth

Well, today has been a busy day for me...

I've taken the liberty in re-creating the famous St. Helens VS. Vesuvius battle from the end of Wing Commander IV:  The Price of Freedom.

I've beta tested it, and it is now bug free as far as I know.  (I've ridden that thing for a while, I think I squashed them all)

Again, if anyone wants it, just ask.  :thepimp:

Ahhh, I love Wing Commander and FRED all in one...;7

The Sloth


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