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Object-oriented Programming - Outlines how to create an object and use operators with it.

General FS2_Open Scripting - Somewhat outdated, but it provides a general overview of core scripting concepts
Scripting.tbl - Guide on all aspects of scripting.tbl
Scripting.html - Somewhat outdated version of the scripting libraries/functions reference file. (Look up the -output_scripting command in the wiki for a fully up-to-date version)

The bottom of the FSO wiki scripting page also has links to the official Lua docs.

I'm getting a 404 on the scripting.html....  I also can't create one at the moment.

EDIT: Found a reference to a hidden Wiki article:

You should use the documentation generated by FSO. There is a flag in the Dev Tools section in the launcher. That will make sure that you always use the documentation that is up-to date for the build you are currently using.

I have generated it before.  I really did not have access to FSO at the time.


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