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Something I just noticed is that it is becoming increasingly difficult to get ahold of old campaigns. For example, Casualties of War. The only download link that actually works is for fileplanet, which because of changes made to it by Gamespy has become practically unusable to non-subscribers. So how can we get around these issues?

Stick them all on Hades-Combine?

That site is woefully underused.

OK, so who should we volunteer for doing this? :p


--- Quote from: karajorma on March 04, 2007, 02:05:21 am ---Stick them all on Hades-Combine?

That site is woefully underused.

--- End quote ---

Indeed. Would be nice if we could get more mods. Funny thing is though, I can't tell if our little FTP glitches (files disappeared off the FTP, resulting in bad downloads) have been resolved yet or not. Right now as far as I'm concerned every file is still at risk.

[EDIT] Although there haven't been any reports of screwups lately, so have it it if you want to.

I have a ton (well, it seems that way..) of old campaigns stuck on my HDD.  You want me to make a directory listing of them, and post it here?


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