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Just as a general complaint to the campaign, the NTF seems to use a obscene number of irritating little fighters who can always outrun you, surviving for upwards of 5-6 minutes before finally being shot down.

The lack of powerful guns is another problem (particularly with those annoying little fighters never taking enough damage to die), but that's more a general criticism of the Prom-R than of the campaign setting. I'm gonna try playing with my Prom-R version (a big improvement compared to normal, but still noticeably inferior to the Prom-S) and see if that improves things at all.
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Erm, I know I said I'd playtest this "soon" but I have been rather distracted as of late... I have however noticed that the Sobek still seems to be hitting the Abydos in that blockade mission (in which you fly an Osiris).


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Erm...the first mission?
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