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Admiral Nelson:
Ask in here.

Q: What is the present status and anticipated release date of the TVWP Chapter 1?
A: Chapter One has a total of 30 missions.  These present status of these are:
Released: 11
Playtesting: 18
WIP: 0
Not started: 1

All other required mods are complete,  With the possible exception of an intro and outro cutscene.
We hope for a full release of Chapter 1 in Q3 2008.

Q: How can I help?
A: The TVWP is always in need of quality help, especially those with FRED skills and modeling skills.

I hope not to get killed/flamed for this, but:

Q: What is the present status of TVWP ?

A: In progress.

Well, was just curious. As Adm. Nelson claimed that you hope to release Chapter 1 in Q1 of 2008. And seeming as it's almost the end of Q1 ...

Anyway, another question:

Q: Are you going to update those pictures in the database section of your site? You released a demo, but the pictures are outdated.

Admiral Nelson:
Yes, we have had some availability issues.  One mission remains to be created in Act II, and one mission remains WIP for Act III.  We have done a bunch of playtesting and editing of the Act II missions, along with some table bugfixing and model recompilation.  One new mission was recently FREDed from scratch and playtested. Availability remains an issue; I again have a business trip to India coming up Monday which will put me out of pocket for a couple of weeks.  Nevertheless just two missions are incomplete, with the others in various states of polish.  The ETA is really dependent on freeing up people from RL issues.


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