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--- Quote from: ZeroCooL on January 29, 2012, 01:39:44 am ---Question..
Do you need Help.. with Tech Data Entry┬┤s, Weapons Descriptions, New Weapons, Misiles Ideas, and Explanations "How Work" ???  and those class of things? Call ME! ^^

--- End quote ---
Sadly, those are all the things we arn't having problems with. Our main problems were lack of modellers and lack of time to dedicate as virtually the entire team including me suddenly became ultra-busy (I somehow thought it'd be smart to go enrol in an MA :banghead:). Hoping i'll be able to get back into it though after my workload drops and really give this project its due. Bit crud for my first outing as leader, but there ya go. Project inactive, but not dead by a long shot.

Don't be afraid to ask some of the other active teams though; some of them might be looking for your services.

so you have lost your writer, hmmm i very much love all of the releases of this project, and have been following it off and on for the past 3 years, i loved the part in the original game with no shields and a less forgiving atmosphere of flight, where if you turned wrong it hit an asteroid you quickly became little peices of space dust and wreckage after a small piff of an explosion. Though i would rather wait and see this final product without knowing how it is supposed to run, i do not want this project to be unfinnished, i do not know much as far as modeling of mission editing, but my main profession is a science fiction novelist. and i would love to help this group in any way, I have also been told that I have an authorative voice, and have done some voice acting for some games as well as anime ova.

I am available almost any day seeing as my current job puts me in front of my computer whenever i get the notion to write. please let me know, or call me 8282792630, and let me know any time any day, even months or god forbid years from now.


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