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Request: Intradimensional texture


I have a situation where the player will be able to view ships inside subspace. In order to create the desired effect, I plan to use texture replace on diffuse and shinemaps to make them invisible, but the glow maps will be an animated texture which looks like the innerworkings of subspace.  The animation ought to appear as a thin veil of blues and whites, slipping through one another. I would say more, but I trust your artistic judgement.

As specified on IRC:
10-15 frames
2048^2 resolution

Thanks mjn! You're the best!

Edit: One last thing. If you want to experiment with an animation that only covers a portion, and not the entire space, that might look cool.


Uses two animated textures (diffuse & glow) and a specialized shine. 2048^2, 10 frames at 15 fps, looping.


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