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Cloaking texture request


Talon 1024:
Hello, mjn.mixael.  I just finished retexturing the Strakha stealth fighter for Deathsnake's Wing Commander II mod.

However, before it is completely finished, it needs animated cloaking textures.  Can you please make cloaking textures for the Strakha like you did with the TF Ion, except make the cloaking effect red instead of white? I'd like the animations to be 30 frames at 15FPS.  Here are the texture files for the Strakha.  Thank you.


I didn't have a POF, so I couldn't test it to see how it looks.

Talon 1024:
Thanks a lot, but that archive only contains the original textures. :P

You'll most likely see some screenshots of the cloaking Strakha after Deathsnake gets the cloaking textures.

Woops, try again.


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