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Hi everyone. After a breake because of work and family, my friends push me now to continued on my Enigma 2666 Mod. In the last time before I chancel everything some models are released by Kevin what I can use in the Campaign. Afterall I get some help with the Stealth of the Strakha MK1 and now it works.
A new page is done at

You found here not much more because I redone the most of the demo again and change a lot of the old missions. Still we need some help with different models, what need to convert from the Standoff Mod (we still have permission to use their models but need to change their textures and uses own)

On the page you found what we need and whats need a update (turrets)

Still the station is a placeholder and some ships are not in this scene (Ralari, Dorkir) but you can see now there is a kilrathi fleet stationed in the system ;) In the Tiger's Claw scene the Strakha now cloaking

The Confed Sol Sector Base is still not done so the Ella Base is a Placeholder. Here the Venture with Guns, Exeter, Bengal and a Waterloo are in this scene. In the background a Gettysburg and a Concordia Class Carrier.

In all scenes are now cameramovements

So thats for the moment ;)

Enigma 2666 is a campaign for the Wing Commander Saga Prologue. It's not! a remake of Wing Commander 2. We use some voices, musics and the storyline but missions, gameplay and cutscenes are all by myself and not a 1:1 copy of the Wing Commander 2

Hi there. It's good that you kept up with this.
I looked at your progress thread and I  noticed that there were a few that are not there.

After doing some search, I found that a user has created a Krant many years ago and he is willing to share it,

Dralthi by Howard day,


Jalthi here, by Howard

Gratha, by Micelle D,

Best Ralari I have seen is this, however, I am not sure if Howard Day has posted this somewhere for download.

You might want to download this, a  WC1 and WC2 cockpit reference pack by Howard Day,

Some great reference shots, from the original Origin ships'

Zohrath has created some models that are a sight for sore eyes,

I think its more easy to convert the Standoff models. Bloodfang MK1, Targu II, Krant, Salthi, Dralthi, Gratha, Jalthi, Artemis, Tarsus are all there. I need someone who can transfer it to the Saga Engine. Textures can be shared from the one we already have. FekLeyrTarg has already done the Supply Depot but need Textures and Kilrathi Turrets on it. K'titrak Mang and Sol Sector Base and we have the most of the Ships. Only the Dorkir, Ralari and Drayman need complete new models. The Drayman is already done for Freespace 2 by CMDBob but he answerd me not yet for his model. It would be only need for another turrets and textures... I ask him again.

That Drayman, good as it might be, is no match for the Drayman of Howard Day. I hope someone from the community takes it upon him and transfer this to a freespace open model you can use for your mod. Hopefully someone can be found that can make Standoff models transfer as well.

I thought that Howard Day's Models have too many polygons for the Freespace 2 Engine.


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