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So here is now a little update:

Story is done. You fight in the Enigma Sector again to hold here the Line of Defence. Your Carrier Battlegroup will not enter the Vega Sector. There are enough ships. The Kilrathi can use the Enigma Jumppoints to easy travel beyond the Confed Line in Vega. So its your job to not let that happen. A few ships are missing buts not much. Enigma 2666 cannot be done in Saga Final until another build is release by the Saga Team to allow more models then just around 20. Last Line of Defence and Operation Serpent needs only a few models. And that is possible.

In Last Line you fight with complete new Charakters. But I make the pilotlist very little, I want here Speech, so I then need Actors for the Pilots and a few Captains.  I don't wanna tell much until some things are done. What I can show you, are some Ships in Last Line of Defence. So here we go:

The TCS Adenauer (Harrier Class)
Your home Carrier

The TCS Glory and the TCS Justice (Yorktown/Concordia Class)

The TCS Reagon and TCS Nixon (Lexington Class)
Part of the Homefleet in Sol Sector

Another Ship from the Homefleet. The TCS Apocalypse.

Gettysburg has a little update: The rear hangarbay, turrets and communication are done. Just the side-launchbays, windows, thrusters and textures needs a change.
Here in fight with a heavy cruiser and a light destroyer. But hey... they fight against a battlecruiser! With heavy anti mater turrets ;)

Fralthi II blows up

and the Ralarrad

near to tip top shape!

rear bay. From the size big enough to land 12 shuttles at the same time

Another one: I was not happy with the size of the Hvar'kann. Between a fight of a Confederation and the ship its look very little to the Confed. So I change it from 2.2 to 3.4km. To avoid a conflict with the Saga Main Campaign I renamed it to WC3-Movie Edition ^^

Here it is. Even with the new size (or now) the turrets of the Confeds match with the Kilrathi turrets.

and here how big it is against the size of the Saga-Campaign

I think now its ok :)

Before its destruction:

The TCS 65-Concordia ;)

and the updatet Clydesdale and Gilgamesh from Scooby. Also the Nameplates thanks to him ;)

*Update* Without FPS-Display and more ships. I used the old Relay Station with a few textures from Scooby as a Stardock. Its about 800m long and 4 capital and several shuttles can dock.

PS: A screenshot from a Mission. A few things are not done yet, but perhaps you know the scene ;)


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