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Greetings. Your more than welcome to develop on anything you wish; hopefully the pre-FS projects here will get rolling again over the next few months so your more than welcome to join us as we do; more the merrier!

I really do owe everyone an apology concerning my presence here as of late. I've been doing a Masters course these past two years that has taken up a lot of my time and mind (finishing at last this year though!), so I can at least promise you it isn't laziness, but it's no excuse really end of the day; I was truly chuffed when I was given a leadership role here and I've left people in the lurch for way too long. I've said in the past I've probably been the worst mod leader on here and I don't feel I exaggerate saying so (meh, s'pose someone has to be, right? :o). Hope I can make it up to anyone who feels I've let them down; I want to see these projects (TVWP and U-War) through to the end!

I feel I should do a more formal public announcement to the community at some point soon (Weekend at latest; you have my word on that!); you guys, and also everyone else out there deserve an explanation, and I could do with actually pulling my weight and coming out of the backstage for a change!

I for one hope this project continues. I'm just sayin'  :D


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