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Eye _con:
Hi all,

I've been tearing up Wing Commander since I first downloaded it like two nights ago.

As the subject suggests I have the Dreaded Triple Monitor Question... I found a similar post for Diaspora found here:

I grabbed the table files and thought I could maybe make them work by substituting in the ship names with some from a cockpit that had some ship names in there but it didn't seem to work.

Any Ideas?

Colonol Dekker:
Saga is pretty specialised code-wise, tolwyn would be the best bet for support.

Glad you're enjoying it.

I suspect that the Diaspora solution isn't going to work in Wing Commander as Swifty added a lot of HUD code during the build up for Diaspora's release. Wing Commander Saga was released before Diaspora and uses it's own branch of the code (Preventing you from simply using a newer build) so there's no way any of Swify's code was added to the WCS build.

Basically that means the two are incompatible unless the Diaspora fix uses much older features than I think it does.

The E:
Yeah, WCS split off from us before the big HUD rewrite. A solution for FS_Open or Diaspora will not work.

Eye _con:
Hmmm well thanks for the updates. I like to tinker with stuff and I am by no means a serious coder but I can usually pick up the idea of something when I look at the code. Interestingly a cockpit mod I downloaded seemed to move the some of the gauges around so maybe I can dig into some of that and see if I can't figure it out.

Thanks for the help :)


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