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Royal Hammer:
If, by chance, you use an x-52 Pro for this game, here's a modified version of a basic Freespace 2 profile, which should make life easier for you! It works best with the clutch turned off (for easy afterburner access)
I just actually got the x-52 pro for my birthday, does wonders for my immersion. I'm never looking down and hunting for the right's just....there. With the SHIFT function, 99% of my inputs can easily be performed while keeping my Hands On Throttle And Stick (HOTAS). I love it. I'm gonna go play War Thunder now, but I'll be back to WCS soon!


Yeah, a HOTAS is awesome, especially if you also get rudder pedals for it (Saitek offers a set. You know what to get for your next birthday, or Xmas... :)). I'm a CH user, but the feeling is just the same. Whether WCS, DCS or KSP (or heck, CH stuff can be gotten to work with the original WC games!), it's an amazing experience. The only thing I'm missing is Oculus Rift, for 100% immersion. :)

Royal Hammer:

--- Quote from: Dragon on April 30, 2014, 04:02:48 pm ---especially if you also get rudder pedals for it

--- End quote ---

I actually have rudder pedals already! I'm not currently using them because it almost seems redundant, considering I have a twist axis on my stick. Do you think I'd have more fun using the pedals? And should I definitely use 'em for rudder, or perhaps another control? (Still very new to all these extra axes).

Pitch and yaw on the stick, roll on the pedals. Or airplane-like, if you're used to it (yaw on pedals, pitch and roll on stick). I can switch between the two with a button, dunno if Saitek can do that. As for "pedals vs. twist axis", whatever works for you. IMO, pedals are better for both your wrist and your immersion. :) Just try it, I adopted pretty quickly (I've tried using twist axis in flight sims... bad idea, nearly sprained my wrist).


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