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Hey there  :)

I would like to present my Vesuvius model to you :nod:
As you can see the model isnt finished yet, but its on a good way.

There is not much to say to the model...
It uses a dew (modified) parts of the Saga-ships, like the turrets, the engines or the hangar, which is a modified version of the Yorktowns hangar.
currently it seems there should be 2k-maps enough for the textures, but we┬┤ll see - there are still a few untextured places (as you can see  ;7 )

I have two questions to you, guys, maybe Tolwyn is also reading this:
1. Can someone help me to get the Ship ingame?
2. Does anyone exactly know HOW the Saga-Team created their textures? I tried to recreate the style they use but it is still not the same quality  :(

Best regards,

1) Sure, you can have a look at the various modding resources, and more specifically the ship-building tutorial, which covers all aspects of getting a ship into the game. There's plenty of people around here who can help you through any problem you encounter along the way.

2) I seem to recall that they got a lot of their hull textures off a third party website with all kinds of metallic textures, but I'm not 100% sure. Anyway, maybe some of the actual Saga modders around can help you.

You'll probably have to PM the Saga guys if you want to get hold of them. They haven't been here for a very long time. Tolwyn hasn't logged in in over 2 years.

Or you could try talking to them on their forum:

Colonol Dekker:
I'll shoot tolwyn a message on Facebook.

If you have any chance to contact him, it would be great!  Thanks man! ;)
I already tried via WCSaga Homepage but got no response...


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