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having issues with joystick Hotas setup

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So I got the CH pedals and the Saitek X52 throttle. I wish to test them out in this game alongside my CH Fighterstick. Problem is is that I'm not able to configure any of them in the options menu and I can't even my craft with the joystick. I'm willing to do some troubleshotting of course as I would love to put my HOTAS setup to the test.

Unfortunately WCS:DD doesn't support multiple joystick devices.  You'll need to use some software (like ppjoy?) to combine all the devices into a single virtual device.

If you had the CH throttle (or were willing to give up throttle altogether), then CH Control Manager can combine the controllers into a single device. Unfortunately, a Saitek throttle won't be supported by the CH CM.

Alright, I've found a virtual application called vJoy that I'm trying to install (even though it's taking a long while to install the thing). Will this work for the rig that I'm using right now?

I've decided to remove the Saitek throttle for Wing Commander Saga. Now I want to know is how do I configure my fighterstick and pedals to where it can work together in Wing Commander Saga on CH manager. Anybody got a map or some instructions for how can I achieve this?


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