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clearthe path


so howdoi do the missionclear the path for capshipmissiles in darkest dawn pls? the enemy dread gets to 20%and the what lol?

Not sure which mission you are refering to, but if it's the last mission when fighting the Wratgar, the mission pretty much plays itself, so all you really need to do is fly around the place and do your best not to get killed while your invincible wingmen deal with everything.

yea the dreadnaught wratghar .it get to20% and nothing.

IIRC the final fight sequence against the Wratghar is tied to its hit points, which means that the mission goes forward according to what damage you inflict. For instance, the bombers arrive only after you've inflicted a certain amount of damage; later on they run out after the Wratghar crosses another threshold, which triggers in turn the capship missile wave.

My guess is you need to inflict more damage to trigger the final part of the mission.

ah tyvm:) .btw ive completedit now love the ending too where we see what happened to some of the characters after lol.


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