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It's alive (ish). After being nagged a lot by people on Discord and having some more free time after work since (temporarily?) rage-quitting PSO2, I finally got my act together and fixed the missions that broke just from time passing (thanks, SCP). Also, as it turns out, the Hyperspace entry bugs that I was assured was fixed years ago turned out to most definitely not be fixed and caused the transcendant/NaN bugs. They've been reported to SCP but as I have absolutely no faith that they will ever be fixed (hell, the rotating jump node is STILL broken because dumb rotation doesn't work on non-ships anymore...), I've gone ahead and had all the warpin types be changed to Galactica with no jump effect. Ships just kinda pop into existence now, but at least it gets rid of the goddamn game-breaking bugs (I think?)

Uh...what else is there?

Special thanks to PIe for the git hosting and testing, Faceman for testing and helping fix bugs, and the rest of the lads@discord for providing a steady stream of memes to fuel development of DE2.
Holy ****, this might actually happen. Still too early to count the chickens before they hatch and all but holy ****, it might actually.
I just need to not accidentally.

What is Dimensional Eclipse?
Dimensional Eclipse is what I describe as high-maneuverability mod, where all fighters have glide/sidethrust/reverse AB, and can move around at around 300m/s. Capital warships move at over 100m/s. This provides a flavour of combat completely different from that of traditional FreeSpace 2 campaigns, taking place over larger distances, and being much faster in general. It is set in a universe entirely unrelated to FreeSpace 2's in order to have more freedom for the new mechanics. The universe does, however, draw quite a bit of inspiration from Wings of Dawn, and Anime in general, so if you're allergic to such things, you might not like how the universe is layed out, though I hope its not too intrusive as to detract from the gameplay. I do admit, the campaign is rather verbose at times, perhaps overly so, though I hope that does not take away from the entertainment value of the missions themselves. I've had some testers say that this is a difficult campaign, but I feel most of its difficulty arises from unfamiliarity with the new style of combat, and how the strategies that work well in traditional FreeSpace fall short when given more options. It is for this reason why I've included a training mission, though it probably doesn't quite cover enough to make the transition between gameplay styles smooth, I encourage you to be bold, and experiment with your flying style (and play on a lower difficulty if you find it too difficult).

What is included in this version?
1.2.1 is the updated Knossos release version. It replaces the few remaining placeholder ships (Euryphaessa and Hyperion->Oceanus), and implements another pass of balance tweaking and correcting a few soft-lock fringe cases. The alternate "non-canon" chapter 2 missions have been touched up and re-added to the main campaign as they should no longer be having crash-to-desktop issues which were caused by HYPERSPACE after all. It also features a re-worked capship command mission (courtesy of JSRNerdo/Face/Faceman/ [`_`]/ /horizontal load bearing drywall/whateverhelikestogoby as the previous one (and the associated script) failed to work entirely.

Is there anything new in this version?
Except the reworked capship command mission? No.

How do I get this version?
It's on Knossos.

If you want to install it manually, get it here:
You'll need a mod.ini (use the one from an older version). If you choose this method I assume you know what you are doing.

Some version of FSO?
The MediaVPs, I think?
A Computer might help too. IDK, check the Knossos requirements lol.

Installation Instructions
Knossos it.

Note that the Tech Room is initially empty. This is perfectly normal, entires will be added upon completion of the first few missions, this is because I cannot remove entries from the tech room by any way other than clearing them all, then re-adding all the ones I don't want removed. Take this up with the SCP guys if you want to see features that will allow a prettier initial techroom!

Now, it's time for me to get into a myrmidon and execute order 66.

So against my better judgement I decided to give this playthrough.
Unfortunately just when I was getting ready to glide-by some mofo drones I got slapped in the face with an FSO warning.

Error: Invalid intel name.

long boring sexpression description Hidden Text: ShowIn sexpression: ( when
   ( or
      ( is-event-true-delay
      ( is-event-true-delay
   ( tech-add-ships
      "BTF Aggressor"
      "BTB Oppressor"
      "LZF Killer"
      "LZF Hunter"
      "LZF Swarmer"
      "AK FF Adamantium"
      "AK CVE Orichalcum"
      "EX CVA Emperor"
      "EX CL Viscount"
      "BT DA Skeleton"
   ( tech-add-weapons
      "EX Primary"
      "EX RapidLaser"
      "EX MegaParticle"
      "EX Blue Rifle"
      "EX Starflare Cannon"
      "EX Plasma Flak"
(Error appears to be: Character profile: Melissa)

I dug into the .vps and can't find any character profiles anywhere, they're not in the intel section of the techroom after pressing alt+shift+sing.
pls fix.


--- Quote from: FrikgFeek on June 05, 2018, 06:06:51 am ---Error: Invalid intel name.

--- End quote ---
That really seems like it should be a Warning instead...

The image in the OP looks kinda muddy, probably it needs a better hoster~


--- Quote from: Nightmare on September 22, 2019, 01:36:23 pm ---The image in the OP looks kinda muddy, probably it needs a better hoster~

--- End quote ---
Should be fixed.


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