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Movements-SEXPs, capship useful (v2.5)

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The entire package has been a godsend  :yes:



Can that work on waypoints?

Yes, that's the main reason I made it actually  :)
(Behind the scenes reason is that I added repair droids to FotG, and wanted a way for them to pick a random position on a ships hull to fly to, so I set the waypoint position with this sexp, then order them to go to the waypoint).

Very glad to have it be so useful for folks!

Another quick small update, per request of MjN for an additional sexp.


Added new `set-pos-to-rand-pos-in-b-box` lua sexp.
Chooses a random position within the bounding box of a given ship and sets the position of the given object to that point. Note, the randomly selected position by be inside the ship geometry.

Updated script to version 2.5 which includes some internal cleanup along with extra error checking to prevent edge case script warnings in-game.


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