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Windows 11 upgrade, now "Current Campaign Cannot Be found" OR no launch at all

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When I go to campaign room there are no campaigns listed. The first time I ran this, my pilot wasn't there but then he showed up on subsequent boots.

This indicates that it's tring to open the FS1 campaign but can't find it:

--- Code: ---Got event GS_EVENT_CAMPAIGN_ROOM (54) in state GS_STATE_MAIN_MENU (1)
Wokka!  Error opening file (freespace.fc2)!
Error parsing 'freespace.fc2'
Error message = Failed to open file.
--- End code ---

Do you have any game_setiings.tbl or -mod.tbm files hanging around in your installation?

I don't see either file in either c:/users/xxxxx or c:/program files (x86)/knossos/

I was able to fix this by going into one of the other mods I think it was mjnMixael's HD Mainhalls and then selecting FS2 Campaign.

But that was yesterday.

Today I'm back to the familiar no-launch, screen just quickly flashes. Sometimes I fix that by going into main settings (gear in upper right) and choosing Global Flags / FSO Build and hitting v22 and saving. But not today. I'm back to no launching at all.

I can probably fix this with an uninstall / reinstall. I'm sure it will last a day if I'm lucky.

Uninstall / reinstall no change. No launch. After uninstall again I deleted C:Games/FreespaceOpen, C:/Program Files (X86)/Knossos and the stuff from C:/users/documents/appdata and THEN i crawed through the registry and deleted anything that says Knosssos. Maybe I should delete anything in there that says FSOPEN.

I'm really not sure what could be going on.  Could you post another log file?


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