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Windows 11 upgrade, now "Current Campaign Cannot Be found" OR no launch at all

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I think there are problems with split-drive installs. I had KNOSSOS on C: and my retail files on E:.

There is data also between




Once I cleaned all those directories out (manually deleting, an uninstall leaves lots of files) and reinstalled all to C:/ so far I've not had any problems

Ah, glad to hear it :)

Knossos also had issues for me after I upgraded to Windows 11.

Although to be frank, I might have caused them myself, not sure, and just blamed it on the windows 11 upgrade.

I uninstalled everything (no registry editing required tho) and reinstalled, and created a brand new pilot. I also had issues with the joystick that I fixed by just remapping everything to joystick "1" now, even tho it reports joystick "0" as the joystick name in the FSO options between mouse and joystick, and it's working. I guess that had something to do with the multijoy support in FSO 22.0 but I didn't really want to get into editing and giving json flag files or anything so maybe it's still screwed up but I got the joystick working on my pilot so that's all I care about.

Oh also some mods think the joystick is joystick 0 and some think it's joystick 1. Lol. I guess that's because of some things use Freespace port vs freespace 2 ? It makes me have to use a different profile for each I guess. It works but I do wonder... is this actually better than before ? hmmm.

Then there's the issues where Jaded's modpack installed stuff for freespace port but it didn't actually install everything right so I had to modify the freespace port and the mainhalls stuff again, thanks to his animated gif that saved some consternation.

There's there's the other random issues with knossos like it stops working sometimes when you press play, I just restart it when that happens. At least it works better on windows than on mac where all kinds of bizzarre stuff would happen (I set up boot camp just to play old games like this so yeah...I know mac support is dead now)

I would hate to be a random person off the street trying to install this for the first time, theres so many areas where it can go wrong, it tries my patience sometimes, but it's better than the old days of hand editing mod.inis I guess lol.

Everything working atm, I hope I don't have to do it again.

Loving those mod packs jaded, I wish you would do a few more, I guess inferno doesn't need it but it would be cool for Sol a History or a few of the others that are around the MediaVPS 3.8 standard that could do with a few of the latest and greatest touch ups like the radar icons and the hud radar stuff.

I may have to get a PC in the future when this iMac 2017 kicks the bucket in order to still play the windows stuff. The move to apple silicon will kill bootcamp and support for it eventually. It was a risk even upgrading to windows 11 (Also I had to turn off the secure boot crap to get it installed too... so yeah... but 11 is nicer than 10 so I had to try)


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