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FSPort Issue


Hi everyone,

I downloaded FSOpen to try to get FSPort working (although I do have FreeSpace 1 and Silent threat). I'm planning on streaming it so I want the game to look as good as possible here - , ,

When I ran the installer, the only ones that didn't fully install were the FSPort Mission Upgrade and the Win32 AVX, which I probably didn't need anyways. However, no matter what I do I can't seem to get FSPort working properly - the game doesn't run in the YAL launcher with any of the FSPort media mods enabled, and if I just have the FSPort mod enabled then when I load into the game it's just the regular FreeSpace 2 campaign. What am I doing wrong?

Hi there!

Knossos is now the standard way to download and install mods and total conversions.

Once you have Knossos installed, the mod you want is called "FreeSpace Port MediaVPs Version", which will have the updated graphics. You can find it on Knossos's "Explore" tab.


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