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Proving Grounds - Moloch will not warp in

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So I've gotten back to Freespace, updated everything and started a new pilot.  Everything's been going good so far, but when I got to Proving Grounds, I found myself unable to finish the mission.  The first section with the Oberon works fine (I can never win the contest with the Pegasus wing but that's irrelevant) and the Shivans begin warping in, but the moloch never spawns.  I'll get the first wing of Nahemas and Maras, then Basilisks and Nephilims, and a final wing of Basilisks again...then nothing.

The only thing I could imagine is that the moloch isn't spawning because I fail to stop the bombers before they inflict damage, leading Aquitaine to report the Moloch's main gun before it's even there...but IIRC that was never a problem.

I don't really have any log files since there was no crash.  I don't know what more I could provide.

Really sucks to be stuck on one of the worst missions in the game...


I've just noticed something that might explain it...For some reason Delta wing doesn't depart and stays stuck with an "Attack Oberon" order.  One or two ships from Delta will jump out, but not all of them.  I'm guessing the Moloch doesn't jump in until after Delta jumps out.

I also noticed in one of the tries I've made (there have been several) that the Delta wing ships that stay in system just spin around constantly.

I have no clue why they wouldn't be jumping out and since I can't command them to leave, I'm stuck in this mission.


I think we can change this issue to "Spinning ships prevent mission progress"

I was just playing a new BP - Age of Aquarius campaign and during the "mission" when you escort the Admiral to the Temeraire, the escape pod began spinning endlessly just before reaching the fighterbay and wouldn't do anything else.

So it would seem that it's the game engine itself having seizures or something...I've never seen this in the 14 years I've been playing the SCP...

If you are playing on debug (The mod's dropdown -> Run Fast Debug, on knossos) it will always create a log file, regardless of whether or not there was a crash. And it would still be useful, just to confirm the version of FSO you're using. You can get the last one made by clicking any mod's dropdown, and 'Upload Debug Log'

Thanks, had forgotten about debug mode.  I'll replay the mission later today to generate one.  As for my FSO version, I'm using 22.2.0 RC5


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