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I know this topic has been extensively covered in the past. I have downloaded everything I think I needed to do either a "auto" or manual install. But reading the instructions on how to either type of do install is very confusing and also conflicting to me. I have had both Freespace and Freespace 2 and have been playing both for over 20 Years. I simply want to install FSO to improve the game graphics and playability. I can wait to get mods for new ships, weapons, campaigns,etc at some later time. I am just nervous about installing FSO that it might mess up up my original FS2 installation to a point where I can't play it at all. I just need some assurance that when I do either installation, that both my installed games will remain intact and still playable even if the FSO install fails. Also, I installed Wing Commander Saga and it plays flawlessly on my PC. Just recently registered too. Thanks

Mito [PL]:
The currently suggested method of installing Freespace Open is the Knossos mod manager/installer. The idea behind it is to be the "Steam for FSO mods", so to say. So basically, a solution that lets you install and play, without any significant modding know-how to do so.

The important part for you here is that during FSO setup, Knossos just copies over the necessary files from an existing FS2 install, and leaves said install totally unchanged. From that point on, Knossos has its own separate working directory of your choosing, called the mod library. Knossos itself also needs to be installed somewhere, obviously, but that directory will be occupied by only the program itself.
Also try to avoid system protected directories for the mod library, like Program Files.

As for when you try it out, I highly recommend looking for, in the Explore tab: Freespace Port MediaVPs (FS1 with new graphics), Silent Threat: Reborn (a fan remake of the horrible expansion pack for FS1) and then Freespace Upgrade MediaVPs (FS2 with new graphics). When you finish those, you can basically pick and go as you please.

If you are using Discord, you also might want to join the HLP Discord server. It's a much better medium for quickfire questions, and I have some resources on squeezing out the best graphics pinned in Freespace related channels.

Thanks so much! I'll move forward and try to install it as suggested. I'll report on how I did.

Knossos installed fine with its own separate folder and created another separate FSO Folder. However Knossos is showing a message fetching mod list and showing 100%, Yet, no files seem to be installed into the FSO folder. except for some screenshots. Is the process supposed to take that long or what an I doing wrong?

All the Mods did download, but now my question is where so you install the mods? Do you put them into the FSO folder or somewhere else? The FSO folder still has nothing in it but some JPG Files. It has no exe. ,data or other required files to actually run the game from this Folder. It seems like none of the necessary files were ever copied from the original FS2 Install  into this FSO folder and if they were, where are they?


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