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Video Resolution in FSO


Dumb question. How do you increase the Video Resolution. I've already installed 8 Mods and played them, and I assume that they are all currently run at 1024x748. Is that right? I know there is a way to increase it, but I'm not sure what needs to be done. Also, what can do to increase the resolution for the Retail Versions of FS1 and FS2?

Mito [PL]:
Not sure about retail FS1/FS2 (why would you even play these ones instead of FSPort/MediaVPs?), but you can increase the video resolution in Knossos settings (gear in topright corner) -> Video. This setting works globally (no need to touch it afterwards, ever).

The retail videos from the CD Version are actually only in 640x320. These are also used on the digital versions.
There were some DVD releases of both games however, which has the cutscenes in slightly higher resolution. If i remember correctly it was something like 800x400. At least according to MVE2AVI.

The Remakes in the MediaVPs are in 1920x1080.

Thought the Resolution was higher than what you mentioned. My Retail versions are CDs but the resolution looks higher like 600x800 or 1024x748. Hard to tell really. I'll go into the FS0 Mod Settings and see if I need to change anything, but when I enable any of the Mods, I can see  the difference between the FSO and the Retail Versions. I normally set all my sims(Aircraft and Space to 1132x864(32 Bit) which I'm happy with.

Apparently, there is nothing you can do now about improving the Resolutions in the Retail Versions of FS1 and FS2. There both set at 640x480 and 1024x724 Max. So for right now,  FSO is the way to go right now. You could do alot worse. If anyone out there can find an uncomplicated way to improve the Retail Resolutions, you might let the community know.


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