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model error in "The Big Bang"

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I was playing the FS1 campaign using MVPs 4.6 (and FSPort MVPs 4.6) and FSPort 3.7:

On the mission "The Big Bang" (defending the Asimov and Ravage), the Asimov (a Faustus science ship) was the older model of the Faustus. 

In other missions with Faustus-es (like the mission where you try to defend the Plato...and the mission where you defend the Rosetta)...those Faustus ships are the newest model introduced in 4.6 MVPs.

FYI though...the missions play fine and I'm able to progress in the campaign.

This must be because the Faustus in that mission uses a different table entry than the standard Faustus, and that hasn't been updated to use the new model in the latest MVPs.

Goober, I imagine same issues would be in place for the alternate dockpoint Faustus used in ST:R?

I think this is because the MediaVPs model used to be science01.pof, same as retail, but the new entry is Faustus.pof.  So I'll need to patch the entry to use the right model if MediaVPs are active.  I did check to verify the existence of the alternate dockpoints (and was pleasantly surprised to see the MVP model included them), but I didn't think about the duplicate Faustus entry.

FSPort MVPs updated.  I fixed the Faustus model, added the new MediaVP animations to the models that needed it, and fixed a bug in the HUD gauge tbm.

You da MAN!


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