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--- Quote from: SerialMascot on December 06, 2022, 10:12:47 pm ---hmmm. I don't think that's correct, but I don't want to debate you sage. I also think that those who assume that I am clueless are often disappointed. I only speak with authority when I'm sure of myself. In FreeSpace I almost always defer to others' experience, which I've done in the case of AI behavior each time I was confused.

--- End quote ---

I know it's bad form to post about posting when not a moderator, but please do consider this piece of advice: this entire discussion shows a pattern of bad communication based on your habit of "speaking with authority".  You are very skilled as a modder, you have strong ideas and motivations and a habit of experimentation that will serve you well. But what you also have is a tendency to trust the results of your experimentation over and above the advice given to you by others.
See, for example, the post qazwsx made, explaining in short and easy terms what those two AI settings do, why setting them to those specific values may cause issues, and why they were set that way in a specific situation. Your response was "I think I understand". Then Strygon throws in a throwaway comment that you respond to with "what's the problem, someone please explain this to me" when the explanation you were looking for was in the post directly above. Further, you say that "you don't think that's correct", without explaining why you think that (which in this case would require you to actually show, with citations from the source code, how both qaz' and Strygons explanations were wrong). Further, in a later post you say people "feel the need for criticizing a table and not explaining what's wrong with it", when an explanation actually was provided that you seemingly ignored, which flies in the face of your line that you "almost always defer to other's experience".

Now, to be fair to you, you have a bit of a point when it comes to Joshua's response, which just told you to check if those stalemate values were what you wanted to be. But, then again, you have shown that you are quite capable of figuring things out on your own, that you are able and willing to read the documentation on the wiki, which means that someone might reasonably expect that dropping a short hint like this and letting you figure things out the way you usually do would be enough. Instead, we get this whole posting chain in all its ignominity.


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