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Unknown Target:

Who wants to texture her properly when I'm done?

Nice white bar... ;)

I was thinking of putting a cocpit in the Ares, but I'll be damned if I can make it HTL like.

Edit: Your 2 is backwards.

Unknown Target:
That's how it was on the texture, I didn't map it :)

Anyway, anyone have any ideas on how to continue this? I'm sort of stuck :( I've recessed the engine outlets on the back (left them on the top and bottom), recessed the little space between the two things, and fiddled with the "tail"...anythign else I can do?

Admiral Nelson:
That's a gold star for you... :)
The Herc II is such a mess its great to see someone fix 'er up.

How about visible gun barrels? That might add some form to a very plain craft.

model every armor plate


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