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--- Quote ---Originally posted by FireCrack
This doesnt use glass though, it uses goldglass wich has a different shinemap.
--- End quote ---

Which I included in the archive of the Erinyes.  It's Tercoc01 that we're worried about.

Is it really missing from the VPs?  I've always had a copy around, so I wouldn't notice it if it were missing.

Couldn't see it anywhere. It's possible that I missed it but FRED2_Open debug builds complain about it being missing then crash for me. (Oddly enough the release versions don't seem to always crash for me. I can't understand that one).

I have pcx/tga versions, and dds/tga versions in my mv_models. :wtf:

I don't.

 Got it off the SCP site yesterday. Last modified 03/04/2005 44,483,961 Bytes in size. Here's the link

I can get you a pic if you don't believe me :D


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