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Troubleshooting: Crash on "Journey of a Thousand Miles"


For those getting the crash upon completion of Journey of a Thousand Miles and starting the next mission (after you follow the Duke through the node for the first time), you may be experiencing the "Red Alert Bug" that some users get using the 3.6.9 SCP release.

Here are some things you can do:

* Check that you are using a 3.6.10 build, where this problem appears to have been addressed.

* Create a new pilot and restart the campaign

* Alternatively, download the No Red Alert Missions.

Use the download as a temporary fix if you're getting a crash with red alert missions even after creating a new pilot for the mod and using a 3.6.10 build. This disables the red alert setting for each mission that uses them, which means you don't keep your fighter/weapon loadout throughout those missions.


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